Safety Watch Services

When work is conducted around or within Limits of Approach of Energized equipment, it is required by WorkSafeBC, B.C. Hydro and other utility providers that approved and qualified personnel are on site as dedicated Safety Watch for the men and equipment working. There are policies and procedures that are mandatory for work to progress. Our trained staff take the appropriate steps to make sure the work being done is done safely.

We provide O/H Safety Watch services for crews and equipment working around Overhead (O/H) power lines. A 30M33 permit is required for cranes, boom trucks, window washers, building work etc that are working in the vicinity of the power lines. For work that has potential to encroach or violate Limits of Approach and cause danger to the workers and equipment, a qualified Safety Watch is required to be on site. A Live line permit is received from Control Center and the work is completed under the direct supervision of the Safety Watch.

This service is provided to increase the safety of the crew and equipment working around the power system.

We provide U/G Safety Watch services to the civil crews and equipment working around the underground (U/G) power system. Everyday crews are required to excavate, maintain and upgrade the civil infrastructure. This work includes working within permitted Limits of Approach. A qualified Safety Watch is required to be on site to directly supervise, that the work is done safely, the workers are not inadvertently injured and work does not damage the equipment being worked around.

In addition to the U/G Safety Watch, we are qualified and approved for Confined Space / Manhole Entry into energized spaces on the BC Hydro power system. With Cablemen and Linemen who are well experienced working in and around these environments, the civil work being completed such as core drilling into MH’s and breaking out energized ductbanks, can be completed safely.

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